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111- ʺͷਹ - Carrot Collagen
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ʺ Ҵ 100g 60g ͹ѹ ʺ͹100g蹨йС͹ҡ


ʺͷਹ ʺ͹عشعͷ ਹ ԵԹ ʡѴͷԵԹ A ٧ ·ӤҴҴ§ úا¹ Ŵ͹شҧ ǹͧչ駡ҹ ˵آͧ ǹਹԵԹ E Ǿó觻 ¹ ʴ Ǣ繸ҵ

ҧ͡ ͹¹ Фͧ ҳͧҡҡѹҵ 100% Ҩ͹

ͷ ԵԹ͹͡ᴹ ºاǾóʴآҾ Ŵѡʺͧ ¡е Ǿó ŴҺҹ ᵡ Ъźشҧ ͷ ·ç 㹡úاǾóآҾ

collagen ҧਹç ǡЪѺ觵֧

ԵԹ ªͤͧ ѧ Ŵ е鹡üԵ˹ѧ ͧѹԴ¡͹ ·Ǫ Ŵ½ ѡŧ ԵԹ ҧͧзǾó¹ дʴ آҾô ͧҡسѵ㹡Сѡ纤ѺҹлͧѹǨҡ¡͹

Ը: ʺŧͷ¡Դͧ ٺ˹ͼǡ ҧ͡¹Ҵ

Carrot Collagen Plus Soap a delicate soap enriched with added carrot and collagen to reduce wrinkled skin acne, blemish, rough skin, rash, fungi, protective effect against ultraviolet light, odor Vitamin A and Potassium help maintain your health skin. Vitamin E nourishes your skin feel moist, smooth, soft and fresh.

To use: Apply soap on the palm and mixed with little water and then apply to clean face or body generally. Then rinse with water.

Ҵ 60g ͧ BOX002-1 ͧʺ ʵԡ PVC Ѻ -

Ҵ 100g ͧ BOX002-2 ͧʺֺ 100g

ͧ ͧʺ ͡ͷ link http://www.deeproduct.com/catalog.php?idp=473

8.00 - 10.00

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111- ʺͷਹ - Carrot Collagen
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