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721- - Mineral Bath
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ԵѳѺ Һ ҹ ͷ ʡѴѺ ʡѴԪ ѹ͹ 繼Եѳҡҵ شҵ ԵԹҧ Һ Ŵ ¶ 駡ҹ اǾóشͧ ӤҴҧ֡ ֡͹ҧ

a natural mineral skin care enriched with mineral elements. Rich variety of vitamins such as sodium chloride, Witch Hazel, pomegranate, sweet almond oil helps moisturize your skin soft, clean and relaxing.

Sodium Chloride () ¶кا Ŵ蹵˹ѧ Ǻšôҧҧ

ʡѴԪ ʡѴҡͧ͡͡ת Hamamelia virginiana ķҴҹ antioxidant ෹Թ٧ ŴԴ Ŵѹ Ŵ٢ҧ ٢Ŵŧ ʡѴҡԪ ·ǡЪѺ ¹º »ͧǨҡеҧ Ŵҧѹ˹ѧ ѴҺѹǹԹѺ ķẤ͹ ֧ŴԴ е鹡ҧ Elastin Collagen ˹ѧ ǡЪѺ 觵֧ ا駡ҹ çѺ º¹ ¹

Pomegranate Extract(ʡѴѺ) ʡѴҡҵԷ Super-Antioxidant ºاǾó觻ç ķ㹡Ѻ駡ҧռ е鹡ҧż ͼ˹Ҵ١Шҧ ŴآҾ

Sweet Almond Oil (Organic) ѹҡ Almond ͳ öҹ鹼Ǵҹ͡ ͫҺǪ ¹ ͹ Ŵ´ͧ ¹º 觵֧

Ը: Һҧ

  1. ٺǼǡ йǴ 2-3 ҷ ҵصҧ Һ ҧ͡¹Ҵ
  2. óռҧ ѵǹ 1 3 ǹ 繿ͧ ǹ͹ҳ 10-15 ҷ ҧ͡¹Ҵ

To use :

  1. For bath : pure mineral bath into wet hands, work in a rich lather and massage to circle about 2-3 minutes then rinse with water
  2. For soaking : mixed with water in a ratio of 1 mineral : 3 water lather soak in a bowl. Bed and bath about 10-15 minutes then rinse with water.

70.00 - 200.00

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